Body Mapping®


Teaching the art of Movement in Music

Body Mapping is a term that is strictly an on off-shoot from the Alexander Technique but it is one that is gradually being used and understood as being an extremely useful concept.

A person’s body map is their perception, understanding and experience of their own body-shape and size, plus how and where their own joints move and how their body functions. Sometimes we have an accurate sense of our body map and generally move with poise and an easy co-ordination.

Refining our sense of movement, and updating on your body map with correct information, will take tension out of your system. But it will also help you to function with more ease and fluidity. Besides taking lessons in Body Mapping  there is also the 6 hour course “What every musician should know about the Body “
As a licenced teacher I offer this course to schools, conservatories,  to teachers,  on summer camps etc.

In my personal coaching I use Body Mapping techniques together with the Franklin Method.

You will find  freedom and easy through these techniques. But also you will get a thorough understanding of how your body works. This in turn will help you making your teaching much more effective.

For more reading and books on Body Mapping go to body

or have a look at some videos!