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Franklin Methode

  • Fit for Office

    Fit for the Office

          Sitting behind your desk for hours at a time, focusing on your computer. Lack of movement variation often...
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    The Power of Imagery Imagery and phantasy are not the same! We have images in our brain all the time....
  • Body Mapping

    Body Mapping®

    Teaching the art of Movement in Music Body Mapping is a term that is strictly an on off-shoot from the Alexander...
  • kinderen

    For musicians

    Workshops for artists As I am a professional musician myself, I can share with you what I have “lived” through....
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    Franklin Method

    The Franklin Method® uses a unique combination of modern science, imagery and basic movement patterns. Currently this method is seen...
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    Breathing for life

    Breathing takes place at least 20.000 times a day. Breathing is connected with life and energy. It also takes energy....