Fit for the Office

Fit for Office





Sitting behind your desk for hours at a time, focusing on your computer.
Lack of movement variation often leads to backpain, shoulder, neck, head-aches..
Problems with hands, elbows..  Discomforts that destroy working pleasure and concentration.

Trying to “correct” your posture can lead to extra tension.
This workshop puts you on a path to real change!

You will get a new understanding of how to balance and move
– how to secretly “work out your abs, back, pelvic floor while sitting.
– how to enlarge your movement variation
– how to make best use of quick breaks

and much more.

This workshop will leave you inspired and empowered. You will want to learn more about yourself and how to function better and enjoy being in your body.

This workshop is the best gift your boss can offer.

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