(Eric Franklin)

The Power of Imagery


Imagery and fantasy are not the same!


We have images in our brain all the time. If your brain has no image of how to do a certain movement, the movement is not going to happen.

The same goes for movement quality, motivational states and arousal.

Thoughts, images, movement, feeling and emotion are connected.

Imagery has been used extensively since the dawn of mankind; for hunting, worshipping, but also in psychology, medicine, sports and music. Numerous scientific studies validate the power of imagery.

( a recent example: Clark,_Williamon_(2011;_psych_skills_training) copy )


We can use imagery to move better, to heal. Mental rehearsal of movement will make moving easier, as it gives pre-coordination to the neural pathways in the brain.  Neurogenic change takes place before myogenic change ( brain first, muscles second)

We mentally prepare to lift an object according to its mental representation in the brain. In other words: our muscles prepare to lift what we expect to lift.

 Flexibility is an image. We have a movement library in our brain that compares actions with previous ones. We can use imagery to set goals, motivate ourselves or others, or to build trust and confidence.
The successful use of imagery requires a number of things. There are many categories of imagery.
Using imagery is an art that can be learned using focus, self-talk, mental simulation, metaphors and various perspectives.

In this workshop you will learn a number of techniques to become stronger and more flexible and improve your movement ability, balance and posture

Above all you will learn “the art of change”, the Franklin Method® 4 steps

These can be used to change.. your LIFE