My message is that change is possible at any time.

As a professional musician I have encountered several issues with my shoulders, neck, breathing, balance and performance anxiety. A good understanding of what one is doing musically, how the instrument works and which techniques to apply is obviously essential, but what if the cause of a problem cannot be found?

In playing an instrument, movement patterns are limited. This can create tension, especially with the flute or violin. If you have already had imbalances in your body before (as most people have) , and if they are worsened by a startle reflex or fear… how can you find out where they come from and get rid of them?

Solutions to most of these problems do not come from doctors or physiotherapists. Very rarely do they come from teachers or colleagues. To give you an idea, after undergoing surgery for a severe case of pneumothorax in 2004, I was simply told to “not blow out too much.” I was not going to let fear become my destiny, so I embarked upon a journey to find out all about the body as it relates to movement, breathing, well-being and playing music.

It took me eleven years to make my way through Feldenkrais, the Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, and finally the Franklin Method,  and the journey never ends.

My mission is TO SHARE  this wonderful ‘science in action’ experience .