For musicians

Workshops for artists

As I am a professional musician myself, I can share with you what I have “lived” through.
I can only teach what I really embody.  Embodiment of function improves function.

At music conservatories and in instrumental tuition everywhere there is a great need for deeper understanding of the body. So called “anatomical” cues , fi “push with the diaphragm” are not only incorrect, they make people try to do things that are not really possible, working hard in wrong places.

“Natural” musicians, dancers, actors generally have good alignement by nature. They have bodies that allow for better movement and coordination on a higher level. This leaves them with personal images of a certain movements.  These cannot be transferred clearly, one must be a “believer” and search for the unattainable.

It is my goal to spread basic understanding and experience of  anatomy and function  to the musical world, but also to actors, dancers and the general public. My advice is to take an introduction workshop first, before going into details on anatomy.


1) What every musician should know about the body

In this workshop ( 3 or 5 hours) I will use powerpoint, exercises and anatomic models.
This will give you a new body awareness, a make-over that can influence your teaching and functioning.
Coming from the Alexander Technique, this course is scientifically grounded.
The ideal introduction to the body in music making, for instrumental teachers.

2)  Breathing for Life ( can be adapted to a certain group, goal or duration)
For Singers, Speakers, Wind Players :
In  3 workshops of 3 hours each we cover breathing structure, breathing mechanisms, the role of fear and doubt… Common misunderstandings will evaporate. We will experience in depth the role of breathing, fear and doubt and its effect on coordination.  The effect of gravity and leverage will become clear as we cover joints and muscles, many of which will be a great surprise. To mention a few : psoas, serratus..
But also the role of organs and how they move in breathing, as well as the pleura and ligaments will be explored. You will understand also astma, hyperventilation , and the possible risks of breathing according to a ” method” or idea rather than natural function. We will have a look at these systems. The role of valves and nervous systems will be clear.
Goal of these workshops is to be able to found your method, instrumental need of breath on natural function.

3) Jaw, Neck and Spine
For violinists and flutists
Discovering do’s and don’ts through a mixture of Body Mapping and Franklin Method.
This workshop will help you to help yourself and your pupils , to alleviate complaints, and to find greater freedom of movement.  The experiences you have in the workshop can be repeated and expanded at home.

4) Shoulders, arms, hand and spine
For keyboard players :

In this workshop you will experience, learn and understand. Movement will be made free through “Bone rhythms” , the natural counterrotation of bones in 3D!

5) Pose, Position, Posture
For all musicians, actors and general public
You will come to understand the difference between static and dynamic alignement.
This will make you understand how the body as a whole is involved in all movement, and why “cues” often lead to tension.


This 1 hour workshop makes your body come alive, using balance, coordination and proprioception to enhance your awareness and coordination of music, breath, and movement . Ideally to be used on a Convention or ensemble-day.