Breathing for life

Breathing takes place at least 20.000 times a day.

Breathing is connected with life and energy. It also takes energy.
Imagine you could improve your breathing efficiency by 1%.
Imagine it could be easier, softer, more enjoyable .

images-3In this workshop you will experience how to improve your breathing in connection to movement, coordination, posture and emotions.  You will understand more about  breathing structure and mechanics. Being a professional wind player, I have encountered various problems such as hyper/ hypo ventilation,
Pneumothorax, and have once been diagnosed with astma.

I have overcome these problems and function quite well, giving workshops, running and playing the flute.
It is my goal to share. To that end I use all I learned from flute playing, various breathing and anti-astma methods, and above all the Franklin Method.

For professionals, I offer extended workshops on breathing. See under Workshops for artists.