Fit for Office

Sitting at your desk for hours at a time, focusing on your computer…
Lack of movement often leads to painful backs, shoulders, necks and headaches, as well as to issues with hands and elbows. These problems can derail your concentration and lead to discomfort and a lack of pleasure. Trying to ‘correct’ your posture can cause even more tension.

This workshop puts you on the path to real change.


Amongst other things, this training will:
– give you a new understanding of how to balance yourself and move
– teach you how to work out your abs, back and pelvic floor while sitting
– show you how to make the best use of short breaks
This workshop will help you to be less tired, more concentrated and more relaxed on a daily basis! The three-hour session will leave you feeling empowered and inspired, eager to learn more about yourself, how to function better and enjoy being in your body.

This workshop is the best gift an employer can give!