I Feel FINE !

An interactive journey through body and mind, combining elements and topics of Een   OFFICE and MANAGEMENT workshops;

GOAL:  :to feel, sit,stand, breathe and move better and to reduce tension….to understand how this change came about and to find the way back to that feeling.
All exercises are  “evidence-based” .. but it is still FUN.


This day will redefine “wellness” in its original meaning of well-being and fitness..Deze dag 
you will get a deeper insight into yourself, your patterns, habits and reflexes and resistance…

All these elements will together define freedom of movement, posture, breathing and inner state. We need to think critically but in order to allow change we need new experiences, often putting aside cinism or strong convictions. Discovering things about yourself works very well in a group and will intensify your interpersonal connections.

A great day you won’t forget..