Happy Feet

FRANKLIN METHOD® Happy Feet: Creating a Dynamic Base

Would you like to have strong, flexible feet that can easily take you
everywhere you want to go? Our feet carry us throughout our life, yet
most of us are unaware of the amazing design that makes this possible.
Learn the function of the foot in an experiential manner, and improve the
agility and well being of your feet for all situations. Without strong and
well-aligned feet, good posture cannot be attained and safe running and
jumping is all but impossible.
Experience the Franklin Method!

  • Learn imagery and proprioceptive exercises that immediately
  • Improve the function of the feet
  • Discover how the feet relate to your hips and knees
  • Learn exercises to balance and strengthen the feet and legs
  • Improve stability and balance in daily life

You will leave feeling more grounded, supported and with more power to
move.The foot is designed to be mobile and pliant, yet we constrict them in shoes and walk on relatively flat surfaces. What happens to joints when you don’t use them? Considering the foot is the base for our posture and movement we would be wise to organize this dynamic base not only to improve the health of our foot, but of our entire body. We will learn form and function of the 26 bones of the foot as well as self touch and imagery to create happy feet. 41bGsHCqRcL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_