Free neck& shoulder


Liberate your shoulders, free your neck

Shoulder tension is epidemic!


Stress, emotional tension, bad posture, lack of movement.

Many tension patterns become a permanent part of ourselves..

So liberating shoulders and neck will also relax your mind and spirit..

In this workshop you will experience your anatomical design in action: a deeper, felt understanding of shoulder girdle, collar bone, ribs,arms, shoulder blade … will enable you to embody function better.


This will have an immediate effect on  breathing, posture, stability, coordination and freedom of movement.
Tension leaving your system will leave you with a generally better mood.
You will experience change and improvement, and as this change is a result of movement in combination with understanding you will always be able to find it again…

Imagery will be used to enhance biomechanical advantage and to create more feedback to the brain.
We will use Franklin balls and bands.