Organs, our innermost world!

Organs define our lives to a far greater extent than our muscles or bones. When we move, our organs have to move. A lack of variety in our movements can cause organs to get stuck, which in turn influences movement. These connections are well-established and documented. For instance, relations exist between the kidneys and the back, between the bladder and the hip joint and between the rectum and bowels and the sacrum (just think of trying to move after a heavy meal).

In learning to move “from the organs” we set them free, in doing so creating stability, subtle movement quality and inner peace. Organs are most active in the so-called parasympathetic state, the “rest and digest” mode. In stressful situations (the sympathetic state), muscles become tense while organs actually lose their tone.

By awakening our organs and working with them, we are helping to create an ‘inner tone’, supporting your posture from within and loosening muscles all around.

The movement of your biceps can be easily observed, felt and understood. Organs are slow to respond, therefore these workshops take time. However, it is truly fascinating to discover how the lungs, the heart, the stomach, the liver, the bladder and the kidneys all move as we breathe and form organ joints that connect both to the skeleton and to each other.

You may feel a bit strange initially and get quite tired. This is normal. As you start to feel things very deeply, this may even bring up some emotions, such as when working with the heart. Getting through this stage, you will be surprised to discover a new level of energy.