Psoas Boost

A Psoas workshop is very beneficial for nearly everyone…
The psoas • sō -əs • is part of the iliopsoas muscle group, which plays a key role in healthy alignment, stability and efficient movement. Its proper training commonly relieves back and pelvic pain. The psoas major as a true core muscle hugs the lumbar spine, the iliacus is our most important hip flexor.
The psoas is connected to the diaphragm, and the  kidneys are gliding on the psoas.
It shortens when you sit a lot, tightening your hips and lumbar spine. It fires with stress and is related to emotional trauma. Releasing the psoas is wonderful to improve overall mobility, flexibility, breathing, release lower back and hip joints. But as it connects to the latissimus dorsi your will get more mobility in arms and shoulders as well.
  • Discover the role of the psoas muscles in movement, stability and balance
  • Release your lower back and deepen your breathing
  • Create more ease of movement in walking, running and sitting
  • Feel grounded, stable and dynamically aligned
  • Experience natural flexibility in your hip joints

    will completely transform your understanding of the core and what it means to create dynamic stability. You will:

    • achieve insight into functional anatomy in acreative, playful manner.
    • learn the true functions of psoas major, minor and iliacus.
    • discover why the transversus abdominis is really a back muscle.
    • learn how the abdominals amplify the function oft he erector spinea.
    • enjoy full flexibility in hip joints and spine.
    • create ease in sitting, walking and running.
    • practice fun exercises on the Franklin balls, implementing Franklin principles into movement THE FRANKLIN METHODcombines the mental and physical elements of our movement using:
      • –  Creative, mental imagery
      • –  Anatomical explanation of function and movement in 3D
      • –  The embodiment of the covered material inmovement
        This approach, which is based on fundamental scientific research, brings a much improved efficiency to all physical treatment, training and rehabilitation.