Movement Coach


What exactly is my job?

I am not here to ‘fix’ you. To that end we have doctors and physiotherapists.
Nor is it my goal to “prevent problems”, as that view still emphasizes ‘problems’.
I also do not aspire to simply “tell you what to do.”

Instead, I want to help you create the best version of yourself based on what is realistically possible.

Professional musicians need to be able to move, breathe and play music in a highly complex performance that requires very subtle control. External or internal (psychological) pressure can make this extra difficult. We practice a lot to become more efficient in our actions, creating more space for the soul and mind to become more free and expressive.
We often hear the old adage “practice makes perfect”, but the feeling of limitations can be a source of stress and psychological pressure. This in turn can make one give up or become depressed in the end. Despite practicing your head off , some things may not get better.

We tend not to look inside our bodies and minds because we are not really trained to do so. However, we should know that everything we do a lot gets emphasized , including thoughts, tension and postural patterns. “Practice makes perfect” should therefore be replaced by “practice makes permanent”

To find a way out we need to combine a deep understanding of music and the instrument with an understanding of YOU, the musician. To this end we need science: we need to understand and feel our human design in action.This is not a quick-fix thing: change is created by YOU in YOUR brain.We need new information and areas to focus on.  To change means your brain needs a new perspective, and new synapses to root and embody changes. This means you will need new experiences, and possibly you will resist this at first.  Doing things while resisting them creates more resistance. Once you start noticing positive changes in your body, movement and posture you will become motivated to continue on this endless path. You will become  more independent, happy, and free in all of your thoughts and actions. This is not esoteric. In the past thirty years or so, many scientific discoveries have been made, the notion of neuroplasticity being one of them.  We need to embrace this knowledge and use it to our advantage

For me this path has become my life, and my goal is to share it. On the way, I am met with a lot of resistance, criticism and disbelief.  Not everyone wants to change and go through the “confusion state”,  and that is OK.